VitaFer Si

Mineral fertiliser for the intervention and preventive supply of silicon. 

Density 1.28 kg/l 

pH 12.5 


Recommendations for use:

– to improve resistance to pathogens and pests. 

– as a preventative product against the adverse effects of drought: prevents the evaporation of water from the plant 

– to improve the quality of the crop and improve storage properties. 

– preventive application of silicon improves the immune system of plants 

– prevents excessive evaporation of water from plants 

– increases frost resistance and tolerance to physiological stresses 

– stimulates the development of the root system and enhances the absorption of nutrients from the soil 

The role of silicon in crops: 

  • improves drought tolerance of plants by inducing physical, biochemical and biological changes in them:  Stiffer leaf habit, increased stem stiffness, improved photosynthetic performance. 
  • improves plant tolerance to low temperatures – especially for maize and sugar beet 
  • reduces plant infection by fungal diseases by strengthening the cell walls of leaves and stems. Particularly beneficial effects are seen in the case of infestation of crops by powdery mildew, beet weevil and in potato in the case of infestation of plants by potato blight. 
  • reduces the feeding of biting and biting-sucking pests by inducing biochemical and mechanical defences.  
  • has the effect of increasing sugar polarisation in sugar beet and improving the taste and quality of the fruit. 
  • stimulates phosphorus absorption 
  • regulates nutrient uptake 

Silicon deficiency results in:

  • Increased susceptibility to toxic substances, diseases, and pests
  • Susceptibility to mechanical injury, brittleness
  • Reduced crop biomass

Dosage and application: