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VitaFer fertilizers are the only one in Europe containing „epibrassinolide” - a growth steroid of plant origin.

EPIN („Epibrassinolide”)

belongs to a group of substances, which are naturally present in plants in small quantities. Its main function is stimulation of biochemical processes. Its correct level has a deciding influence on a size and quality of yields.

EPIN’s positive impact:
  • Increases the level of physiological resistance of plants,
  • improves plant resistance to the effects of drought and low temperatures,
  • reduces the absorption of heavy metals,
  • increases the protein content of cereals,
  • improves filling of corn cobs,
  • inhibits sprouting of potato tubers during storage,
  • improves quality and increases yield.
EPIN is responsible for:
  • a level of resistance to unfavorable conditions,
  • a correct plant development,
  • a final quality and quantity of yields.

EPIN is environment friendly and non toxic for people and animals. Used in a process of fertilization, enhances in a grade percent Its effectiveness.

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