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VitaFer fertilizers are enriched with additional substances that increase quality and yield, resulting in a healthy yield. These substances are:


They protect the microdrops from evaporating before they reach the leaf surface. They ensure proper retrieval and better effectiveness of the treatment.


Reacts the dried formulation on the leaf surface. Through this, the absorption time is longer and assimilation is better.

Adhesion agents

Make optimum adhesion of the solution and prevent the surface from washing off during rain or spraying. Fertilizer losses are then kept to a minimum.

Surfactants (surface active agents)

They provide a uniform liquid distribution. Thanks to better leaf cover, better picking and better application efficiency as well as greater safety of use.

EDTA Chelation

Has a positive effect on the absorption of nutrients. Optimizes the reaction fluid. It protects micronutrients from hard water reactions.

The use of innovative technology of nanoparticles further enhances their effectiveness, which makes the foliar fertilization technique a very effective way to supply the plant its essential nutrients even in the event of a deficiency.