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Preparation of the working fluid


fill the sprayer tank halfway with water,


turn on the stirrer,


pour the measured amount of VitaFer fertilizer,


add a plant protection agent (optional),


make up to the desired volume with water.

Possibility of mixing



Do not mix some of the fertilizer types,

because it immediately reduces their effectiveness. To check which fertilizers may be mixed, please consider the mixing table below.

Do not add plant protection agent which producer prohibited

to add to specific types of fertilizers. Types of individual fertilizers can be checked in the composition table below.


To maximize the potential offered by foliar fertilization with VitaFer fertilizers it is important that the fertilizer is applied at the right time and under certain conditions. To check the periods when you should apply specific crops with the nutrients, see the fertilization plans that were prepared by our Specialists – Fertilizing programs. It is also important to schedule the treatments properly, given the weather conditions and other factors. For this purpose, we encourage you to read the article “Planning the date of treatments”. The basic knowledge you will get here will allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities that VitaFer fertilizers offers