VitaFer Zn+B

Mineral fertiliser for the intervention and preventive supply of zinc and boron.

Density 1.37 kg/l 

pH 6.0 – 7.0 


Recommendations for use: 

– for preventive use in crops susceptible to zinc and boron deficiencies: 

Maize, cereals, sugar beet, potatoes, brassicas and orchard crops. 

– for the rapid and safe supplementation of zinc and boron deficiencies when a deficit becomes apparent.  

Fertiliser action: 

– optimum supply of the vital plant nutrients: zinc and boron 

– increases crop yields and improves crop quality 

– improves storage properties 

– stimulates the growth of the root system and increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil, particularly nitrogen 

– increases protein and sugar production in the plant 

The role of boron in crops: 

  • contributes to the correct growth and development of the root system 
  • contributes to the correct development of the generative system 
  • promotes flowering, aeration and proper water balance in the plant 
  • promotes frost resistance of plants 

The role of zinc in crops: 

  • influences plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress conditions 
  • increases crop quality and yield 
  • accelerates plant recovery from stress factors 
  • has a positive effect on improving the efficiency of nitrogen fertilisation. 
  • prolongs the life of pollen and has a beneficial effect on the pouring of grain 

Boron deficiencies result in:

  • Death of root growth cones and aboveground shoots
  • Poorer development of the vascular tissues and impaired flow of water and assimilates in the plant
  • Weakening of the flowering process and fruiting
  • Reducing the sugar content of roots and tubers of root crops

Zinc deficiencies result in:

  • Chlorosis of leaves, spot chlorosis, so-called white bud disease
  • Shortened internode length and plant dwarfism
  • Delayed flowering and panicle shedding
  • Curling of potato leaves with progressive brown necrosis

Dosage and timing of application:

Fertigation – not to exceed a concentration of 0.3%