VitaSoil Shield

A biological, soil product that increases the resistance of plants to biotic stresses, including those caused by the feeding of larvae of pests (grubs, Colorado potato beetle, woodworms, wireworms, nematodes, and others) feeding in the root zone of crops. The selected strains of entomopathogenic fungi naturally present in the soil are responsible for the effective operation of the preoduct. Their influence enhances plant tolerance to the negative effects of soil pests feeding.


Benefits of using VitaSoil SHIELD:

– selected entomopathogenic fungi reduce the population of pests by infecting and killing them. They only work on insects. They are safe for other soil microorganisms

– they create unfavorable conditions for the wintering of pests in the soil

– quick action, often the first effects are already visible 24-48 hours after application.

– works effectively in a wide range of temperatures

– the use of the product prevents pests from becoming resistant to plant protection products

– the use of the product by influencing the soil environment and its modification gives the possibility of limiting agrotechnical treatments and has a positive effect on the retention of water resources in the soil

– reduction in the number of pests occurs throughout the growing season and there is no need to repeat treatments. Fungi take advantage of the self-reproduction phenomenon in the soil.

– the effect of fungi on plants strengthens their natural tolerance to pest feeding

The product is safe for the natural environment. It is non-toxic and safe for humans, animals and pollinating insects. It does not cause the phenomenon of pest resistance, which allows for their effective use for many years. Each year of using the product reduces the population of soil pests.

It does not generate forbidden active substances and does not accumulate in the environment. Can be used in farms cultivating crops in the integrated production system.

The product is compatible with most of insecticides, herbicides, biological products and fertilizers.

The condition for the effectiveness of the product is the correct introduction of it into the soil and avoiding treatments in full sunlight. Soil spraying is recommended to be carried out on moist soil in the evening, at night or on a cloudy day. After its application, the product should be mixed with the soil during autumn and / or spring agrotechnical treatments.