VitaFer Mg

Mineral fertiliser for the intervention and preventive supply of magnesium, sulphur and nitrogen.

Density 1.4 kg/l 

pH 6.0 – 7.5 


Recommendations for use:

– for preventive and intervention supplementation when a deficit becomes apparent. 

– in agricultural, fruit and vegetable crops with high magnesium requirements: sugar beet, cereals, winter rape and crops grown using intensive technology aimed at achieving high yields. 

– to increase resistance to stress (low temperatures, drought), effects caused by negative impacts of pathogens and insects 

– as an aid to root system development and to improve nitrogen and phosphorus uptake from the soil. 

– to encourage the tillering of cereals 

– in order to improve quality and quantity of the yield 

– to increase the winter hardiness of plants 

The role of magnesium in plants: 

  • stimulates the development of the root system and favourably influences the uptake of nutrients from the soil 
  • improves the quality of vegetable protein 
  • reduces the nitrate content of the plant 
  • has a positive effect on the transport and accumulation of phosphorus in the seed 
  • as a component of chlorophyll, favourably influences the photosynthetic process 

Magnesium deficiencies cause:

  • Reduced uptake and utilization of soil nitrogen
  • Reduction in protein, sugars including starch in potatoes
  • Poor plant growth, delayed development stages
  • Decrease in plant resistance to disease
  • Yield reduction

Dosage and timing of application: 

The fertiliser must not be mixed with calcium fertilisers and magnesium sulphate.

Fertigation – not to exceed a concentration of 0.3%