Mineral-organic biostimulant fertiliser with optimal macro- and micro-nutrient and amino acid content to neutralise and prevent the effects of stress caused by disease and weather conditions. 

Density 1.11kg/l

pH 2.5 – 4.0


Recommendations for use:

– for intervention at the time of exposure to adverse factors: physiological stress, impact of pathogens, adverse weather conditions 

– after the stress conditions have passed, to support the recovery process 

– in order to stimulate proper development and increase yields with improved quality 

– to optimise the uptake of potassium and phosphorus from the soil 

– to improve the volume and quality of yields, storage properties of fruit and vegetables.

The role of amino acids in crops: 

  • are among the most important organic compounds in the plant 
  • are precursors for the synthesis of plant phytohormones (growth substances) 
  • are a carrier of nutrients, accelerating their rate of absorption 
  • stimulate better utilisation of other nutrients 
  • reduce the content of harmful nitrates in fruit and vegetables 
  • as an addition to other foliar fertilisers, improve their uptake 
  • reduce stress after chemical plant protection treatments 

Dosage and timing of application: 

Soil fertilisation (watering)  

Water fruit trees once every two weeks from early spring to the end of June, using a 

0.2% solution of 10l per tree at each date. 

Attention: recommended spray volumes for orchard plants are: 500-700 l/ha for orchards and 400- 

600 l/ha for strawberry plantations. 

Recommended spray volumes for vegetable crops are 400-600 l/ha. In agricultural field crops, apply 400-600 l/ha of spray.