VitaSoil Free Phos

A biological product – a growth stimulator with a prolonged effect, supporting the growth of crops with a prolonged effect, to be used to improve the nutrition of cultivated plants with phosphorus,
potassium and nitrogen. The activity of Bacillus sp. Bacteria is based on their natural ability to transform phosphorus inaccessible to plants into easily digestible forms. They improve the activity of soil nitrogen-fixing microorganisms and show an antagonistic effect against some pathogenic bacteria. The preparation is resistant to organchlorine compounds (insecticides), has properties that allow the decomposition of acetochlor compounds (herbicides) in the soil.


Benefits of using VitaSoil FreePHOS:

– increases the yield and quality of crops

– activates the growth and development of plants

– improves seed germination, rooting of vegetable seedlings, shrubs, trees and ornamental plants by up to 10-15%. The seedlings are better adapted to adverse environmental conditions

– increases and improves the content of available forms of phosphorus and potassium in the soil

– decomposes the retrograde and bound forms of phosphorus, e.g. phosphites, into easily accessible forms.

– increases the content of available forms of phosphorus in the soil to 25-50 kg per year per hectare

– increases the content of available forms of potassium in the soil to 15-20 kg per year per hectare

– activates useful soil microflora and improves soil structure. Supports soil formation processes, improves soil fertility by up to 20%.

– is resistant to the negative effects of insecticides

– the preparation is stable in terms of UV rays – but it works more effectively when mixed with the soil

The product is safe for the natural environment. It is non-toxic and safe for humans, animals and pollinating insects. It does not generate forbidden active substances and does not accumulate in the environment. Can be used in ecological agriculture and farms cultivating crops in the integrated production system.


The product is compatible with most of insecticides, herbicides, biological products and fertilizers.


The condition for the effectiveness of the product is the correct introduction of it into the soil and avoiding treatments in full sunlight. Soil spraying is recommended to be carried out on moist soil in the evening, at night or on a cloudy day. After its application, the product should be mixed with the soil during autumn and / or spring agrotechnical treatments.