VitaFer ALGI

Mineral and organic bio-stimulating fertiliser with macro- and micro-nutrients and seaweed extract “Ascophyllum Nodosum”.

Organic matter content at least 35% 

Density 1.23 kg/l 

pH 4.5 – 6.0 

Fertiliser qualified for use in organic farming: NE/549/2020 


Recommendations for use:

– To increase resistance to stress conditions (e.g. frosts during flowering or extremely high temperatures during fruit or pod ripening) 

– As a preparation to encourage bees to pollinate flowers due to the specific properties of iodine, a hormone component contained in the product. 

– To stimulate the flower production process and as a preparation to extend pollen viability, reduce pod breakage in oilseed rape and legumes. 

– To inhibit lateral shoot pressure (recommended especially in orchards) 

– For regeneration purposes after phytodamage or pest or disease pressure in any orchard or field crop. 

– To increase resistance to biotic stresses caused by pest activity and fungal diseases. 

– To improve the quantity and quality of the crop and improve the storage properties of fruit and vegetables. 

– To increase the effectiveness of many plant protection products or reduce the need for their use. 

Dosage and timing of application:

Recommended spray volumes for orchard crops are 500-750 l/ha for orchards and vine plantations and 400-600 l/ha for strawberry plantations.

The recommended spray volumes for vegetable crops are: 400-600 l/ha. In agricultural field crops, apply 200-400 l/ha of spray liquid.

Fertilisation by fertigation systems: for all crops, apply a 0.25% solution at the time of intensive growth.