VitaFer Fe

Mineral fertiliser for the intervention and preventive supply of iron, sulphur, potassium and nitrogen.

Density 1.4kg/l 

pH 6.0 – 7.0 


Recommendations for use: 

– for preventive and intervention use in the event of iron deficiency 

– in crops that are particularly sensitive to iron deficiencies: berry crops, fruit crops, vegetables. 

– to improve plant resistance to stress conditions: drought, the effects of fungal diseases and pest pressure. 

– to improve yield level and quality and storability parameters 

– to increase plant survival after wintering 

– to improve plant water management and increase resistance to drought conditions 

– to stimulate the correct development of the root system and to increase the absorption of nutrients from the soil 

The role of iron in crops: 

  • influences the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration by participating in electron transport. 
  • increases the synthesis of chlorophyll, carotene and xanthophyll (normal plant weight and high nutritional quality). 
  • improves efficiency of nitrogen metabolism and protein production 
  • is involved in the metabolism of fatty acids 

Iron deficiencies result in:

  • Reduces flowering of fruit trees and bushes
  • In orchard crops leads to chlorosis of the apical leaves and subsequent death of branches and shoots
  • In case of iron deficiency in plants, non-protein nitrogen compounds accumulate
  • The storability of fruit and vegetables deteriorates

Dosage and timing of application 

*aqueous solution