VitaFer B

Mineral fertiliser for the intervention and preventive supply of boron. 

Density 1.36kg/l 

pH 7.0 – 8.0 


Recommendations for use: 

– To correct boron deficiency during the growing season for intervention as well as preventive use.  

– To improve rooting, flowering and pollen quality. 

– For regeneration purposes when the root system is damaged by soil pests. 

– To improve yield quantity and quality. Improves the storage properties of the crop. 

– To ensure stable vegetative and generative growth of field and orchard plants. 

– To optimise the uptake of soil nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. 

The role of boron in crops: 

  • contributes to the correct growth of the root system 
  • influences the correct growth of the generative system 
  • promotes flowering, aeration and water management 


  • is involved in the metabolism and movement of carbohydrates in the plant 
  • together with potassium, it is responsible for water management in the plant. 
  • promotes frost resistance of plants 

Boron deficiencies result in:

  • Death of growth cones of both roots and above-ground shoots
  • Poorer development of the vascular tissues and disturbed water balance and assimilate flow in the plant
  • Fruit suberization and russeting
  • Weakening of flower and fruit setting
  • Lower sugar content in roots and tubers of root crops

Dosage and timing of application: 

Fertilisation by fertigation systems: for all crops, apply a 0.20% solution at the time of intensive growth.