VitaSoil Fast Recorvery

A complex microbiological porduct containing selected strains of fungi of the genus Trichoderma spp and bacteria of the genus Bacillus spp. Cellulolytic enzymes, natural phytohormomes and vitamins, accelerating the process of humification and mineralization of plant residues and soil reclamation, which accelerates the decomposition of crop residues, fallen leaves and fruit and dead tissues plants. It is especially recommended for application on crop residues of field crops: rape, corn, grain, soybean, sunflower and in fruit and vegetable crops.

Creates favorable conditions for useful soil microorganisms.


Benefits of using VitaSoil FAST Recovery::

-increasing the biological activity of soils (accumulation of biologically active substances, increasing the number of beneficial soil microorganisms)

-accumulation of organic matter (humus) and increased sorption of macro- and micronutrients

-ensuring optimal soil density, increasing its retention, improving soil structure

-it increases the yield of crops

-can be used for the reclamation of degraded soils

-has a positive effect on the processes of humification and mineralization – the released nutrients are easily available to plants

-allows to save up to 80% of nitrogen fertilizers needed to decompose plant residues

-improves work in post-harvest crops, reduces diesel fuel consumption

The product is safe for the natural environment. It is non-toxic and safe for humans, animals and pollinating insects. Each year of using the product increases the mass of organic matter in the soil. It does not generate forbidden active substances and does not accumulate in the environment. Can be used in farms cultivating crops in the integrated production system.

The product is compatible with most of insecticides, herbicides, biological products and fertilizers.


The condition for the effectiveness of the product is the correct introduction of it into the soil and avoiding treatments in full sunlight. Soil spraying is recommended to be carried out on moist soil in the evening, at night or on a cloudy day. After its application, the product should be mixed with the soil during autumn and / or spring agrotechnical treatments.