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February inspections carried out at the beginning of February indicate several problems that will have to be dealt with in early spring, after the vegetation begins. Some cereals, especially winter barley and wheat, show the first symptoms of fungal diseases. High soil saturation with rainwater also causes washing out of nutrients from the arable layer. An extremely important foliar fertilization procedure will be the quick replenishment of micronutrients. This will allow for quick regeneration after winter. This procedure will also increase the tolerance to unfavorable weather conditions. VitaFer Micro is a mineral fertilizer for the emergency and preventive supply of key micronutrients with the optimal addition of nitrogen. For use in early foliar fertilization treatments to optimize regeneration after winter dormancy. In late-sown winter crops, the use of the preparation stimulates tillering. Additionally, plants have increased resistance to abiotic stresses, mainly drought, excess water and low temperatures.

Composition: 11.6% N + 14% K₂O + 4.2% MgO + 7% SO₃ + 0.049%B + 0.77% Cu + 1.4% Fe + 2.1% Mn + 0.014% Mo + 1.4% Sign Density 1.45 kg/l pH 5.0 – 7.0

Doses and dates of use: – winter cereals, 0.5-1l/ha, up to 2 treatments from the spring start of vegetation to the beginning of earing, minimum temperature for treatment 5°C. – winter rapeseed, 0.5 – 1 l/ha, up to 2 treatments from the spring start of vegetation to the beginning of flower bud development, minimum temperature for treatment 5°C