VitaFer Opti pH

pH adjuster, surfactant, anti-foaming agent 

Density 1.12 kg/l 

pH 2.0 – 3.0 


Recommendations for use: 

– an acidifier and buffer to improve the quality of the water used for foliar spraying by lowering the pH of the water and neutralising some of the dissolved salts. 

– to prevent foaming of the spray liquid. 

– to optimise the action of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, where the risk of phyto-damage to crops is reduced through pH optimisation. 

– to increase the availability of nutrients, especially calcium and magnesium 

– to prevent precipitation and alkaline hydrolysis of active substances and compounds such as organic phosphates, natural and synthetic pyrethroids and biological insecticides 

Dosage and timing of application: 

* in the case of water with a strongly alkaline pH, the maximum dose should not exceed 200 ml/100l of water.