VitaFer DropFor

Multifunctional adjuvant

50% Sorbitol monolaurate (E493) + 20% Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (E432)


Recommendations for use: 

– to improve the quality and effectiveness of plant protection product treatments by facilitating the absorption of the various components of the spray liquid. Activating effect

– increases the effectiveness of plant protection products. Penetrating effect – promotes systemic absorption of active substances and nutrients. Moisturising effect 

– increases wetting of the leaf surface. Dispersing effect 

– promotes the distribution of the spray over the entire leaf surface. Anti-foaming effect 

– prevents foaming during the preparation of the spray liquid and during application. Adhesion-enhancing effect 

– helps prevent the spray liquid from washing off the leaf surface. 

Dosage and timing of application: