VitaExpert Vigor

VitaExpert Vigor – high-value crops

Density: 1,20 kg/l

pH 3,0 – 4,0


Product features:

agrotechnical fortification – enriching plants with selenium allows you to obtain functional food and plant feed that will positively affect the improvement of the health of humans and animals

– stimulator – by activating physiological processes at the cellular level, it has a positive effect on the size and quality of the crop. It inhibits the negative impact of heavy metals on plants. It improves the uptake of nutrients by plants

– antioxidant – delays the aging processes of plants – activator of protective mechanisms – selenium increases plant resistance to the negative effects of UV radiation on plants. Plants biofortified with selenium show increased tolerance to the adverse effects of abiotic stress.

– activator of defense mechanisms – selenium increases plant resistance to the negative effects of biotic stress. Supports the fight against gray mold. Selenium also has a repellent effect against pests: western flower thrips and red spider mites

VitaExpert Vigor:

  • Contains numerous L-amino acids and selenium for a highly nutritious and healthy harvests
  • Activator of plant protection and defense mechanisms
  • Antioxidant – affects the delay of processes plant aging
  • Significantly increases resistance to UV radiation thanks to the presence of selenium

Wysokowartościowe plony

VitaExpert Vigor is a product containing numerous plant L-amino acids and the addition of selenium. The synergistic effect of selenium and amino acids has a beneficial effect on the development of plants under conditions of abiotic and biotic stress. It allows the production of food and functional feed that is intended to nourish human and animal organisms, prevent diseases and have a positive impact on health by supporting the immune system. Products made from biofortified plant raw materials have a very beneficial effect on human health because they help prevent mineral and nutrient deficiencies. In farm animals, selenium deficiency translates directly into reduced productivity and health of the farm. Agrotechnical fortification in the form of foliar fertilization with fertilizers enriched with selenium is the most economical and safe compared to other methods of supplementation of this element. Plants take up selenium in inorganic form and, through biotransformation, transform it into organic form (selenium analogues of amino acids and their derivatives).

Dosage and timing of application: