VitaExpert Regenerum

VitaExpert Regenerum – Effective regeneration

Density: 1,37 kg/l

pH 5,0 – 6,0


Product Features:

– de-stressing and improving the dynamics of plant growth and regeneration after winter

– acceleration of physiological processes of plants after winter or pesticide damage – increasing the production of chlorophyll and increasing the activity of the most important metabolic processes, especially photosynthesis

– supporting the uptake of nutrients applied to the soil, in particular phosphorus, the uptake of which is minimized at low soil temperatures

– increased tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses, in particular to low soil and air temperatures and frosts – removal of negative effects of phytotoxicity after pesticide treatments

VitaExpert Regenerum:

  • Effective regeneration after winter and pesticide damage
  • Supports the uptake of nutrients applied to the soil
  • Reduces the negative impact of stressful situations and improves the condition od plants
  • Contains 3% amino acids that nourish the crop and acting as a penetrator

Skuteczna regeneracja

VitaExpert Regenerum

It’s a product – post-pesticide damage, regeneration after winter

VitaExpert Regenerum is a product with a balanced content of basic nutrients enriched with 3% addition of the highest quality plant amino acids.

The root system in the early spring growing season has limited opportunities for development, primarily due to wet and cold soil. This condition slows down nutrient uptake. Temperature amplitudes occurring in early spring also increase the risk of plant damage during pesticide treatments. We also have to reckon with the possibility of damage from spring frosts during this period. All of this affects the reduction of the crop and deterioration of its quality. Particular attention should be paid to good, balanced nutrition with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. The addition of amino acids will help reduce the negative impact of stress situations and improve the overall condition of the plants.

For the foliar feeding treatment to be effective the crop should be physiologically active.

Dosage and timing of application: