VitaExpert Booster

VitaExpert Booster- Biostimulation and protection

Density: 1,25 kg/l

pH 5,0 – 6,0



Product features:

– reduce the negative effects of abiotic and biotic stresses.

– providing copper in the form of organic chelate is the best way to supplement deficiencies of this component. Plant resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases is increased.

– improved plant growth, increased yield – higher biomass production, yield quality, nutritional and storage values – thickened cell walls in fruit and extended storage and shelf life. Reduced tendency to lodge plants.

– optimize metabolic processes by increasing the production of chlorophyll in leaves, sugars and amino acids in plants.

– increased yields with great quality and extended shelf life.

– reduce nitrate content, improve the flowering process (better pollen quality).

VitaExpert Booster:

  • An effective biostimulator with a mixture of amino acids and humic acids
  • Increases plant resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Improves plant growth, increases yield, extends the storage period of crops

Biostimulation and protection

VitaExpert Booster modern biostimulator containing an optimized mixture of amino acids and humic acids with the addition of systemic copper chelated by glucoheptonate.

Plant-derived amino acids, thanks to their full compatibility with the metabolism of fertilized plants, ensure fast and easy transport of nutrients inside the plants to the places where there is the greatest deficit of a particular component. They increase the use of mineral fertilizers, especially nitrogen fertilizers, which reduces the content of harmful nitrates in vegetables and fruits. They positively influence fruit ripening.

Humic acids stabilize the pH and allow plants to better utilize nutrients and micronutrients.

Copper is included in the composition of various enzymes and proteins, actively participates in photosynthesis, protein formation, nitrogen metabolism and carbohydrate transport. It has a beneficial effect on the water management of plants. An indirect function is to increase plant resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases.

Dosage and timing of application: