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We are starting field inspection of VitaFer trials. The first location where we assessed the state of winter wheat after winter period,  was the PDO plots in PODR in Lubań.

In winter wheat (10 varities) foliar fertilization was performed in the 3-4 leaf stage with the following fertilizers: VitaFer Micro 1l/ha, VitaFer Macro P 3l/ha and VitaFer Zn + B 1l/ha. The experiment is based on soil class V – typical soil conditions in Kashubia. The plants overwintered perfectly. 05.03.24 had normal tillering for this period (on average 4 – 5 blades – wheat after autumn foliar treatment and 3-4 control 0). The roots of plants fertilized with the VitaFer foliar fertilizer mixture in autumn,  are 40% better developed compared to the control sample. The average length of the root bundle was about 10 – 12 cm. Control approx. 6 cm.  Wheat with such an extensive root system will absorb nutrients from the soil much better and will be perfectly prepared for a possible drought.