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Difficult autumn conditions caused by rains and excessive soil moisture made it impossible to carry out the planned foliar fertilization treatment. The only treatment that was performed was pre-sowing application of microbiological fertilizers VitaFer Soil Protect at a dose of 0.3 kg/ha + VitaFer Soil FreePhos at a dose of 0.5 kg/ha. In spring, the soil was still excessively saturated with rainwater – in March there were water ponds in the field. Only in mid-March was it possible to carry out RSM fertilization. Until April 2, 2024, it was not possible to perform foliar fertilization or a second application with microbiological fertilizer preparations. These treatments were prevented mainly by water lying in the field and low air temperatures. The roots of plants sown after the application of microbiological fertilizers are characterized by a strong root system. The root mass is 40% larger and better developed compared to the experimental plot where no fertilization with microbiological preparations was applied. Mycelium hyphae of Trichoderma spp., which have entered into symbiosis with winter wheat, are visible on the roots. Winter wheat from the VitaFer experimental plot is characterized by better branching (average 4-5 blades). Wheat leaves are healthy, with no signs of fungal infections. In the control plot, wheat branching is usually 3 blades. The leaves show traces of autumn infection with powdery mildew of cereals and grasses. Due to the development phase (second elbow), additional bushing treatments will not be effective. In such a situation, it is necessary to ensure that the wheat yield is characterized by good quality parameters, especially MTZ. The situation in the field resulted in a modification of the foliar fertilization plan. The plantation will be re-fed with microbiological fertilizers VitaFer Protect 03, kg + VitaFer FreePhos 0.5 kg/ha. Application is favored by high soil moisture and not very dense winter wheat planting. The next foliar fertilization treatment involves the use of VitaFer Micro 1l/ha, Green 3l/ha and VitaFer Zn + B 1l/ha and will be combined with a fungicide treatment.