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It is worth using foliar fertilization in potato crops. Especially during the period when there is a shortage or excess of rainfall and high temperature. Low soil pH and low humus content are also indications for such treatments. It is worth planning foliar feeding treatments during the period of intensive plant growth but before the rows are closed. The decision to use foliar fertilizers should always be preceded by a field inspection. Potatoes are potassium-loving plants. Boron, which has a positive effect on the technical quality of the crop, and manganese, which has a positive effect on plant development and accelerates flowering, are also of great importance in terms of yield. It is also worth using biostimulants for foliar feeding: algae and/or amino acids. VitaExpert Stress Control ® – foliar organic-mineral fertilizer stimulating plant immunity under abiotic stress conditions. Particularly recommended for crops that have a high demand for potassium. Composition: 10.5% N + 5% P₂O₅ + 25% K₂O + 0.035% B + 0.4% Cu + 0.1% Fe + 0.015% Mn + 0.007% Mo + 0.035% Zn + EPIN VITAFER Boron ® – mineral fertilizer for emergency and preventive supply of boron, phosphorus and nitrogen. Boron deficiencies cause potato tubers to crack and reduce the quality of the final crop. Composition: 10.56% N + 13.2% P₂O₅ + 9.24% B + 0.066% Cu + 0.132% Fe + 0.066% Mn + 0.00132% Mo + 0.066% Zn + EPIN VITAFER Algi ® Mineral fertilizer for emergency and preventive supply of key micronutrients with optimal nitrogen addition. It activates the photosynthesis process and increases the assimilation surface of leaves. It has a beneficial effect on increasing resistance to abiotic stress. Improves flowering and fruit set. Composition: 3.07% N + 2.83% K₂O + 3.69% B + 0.98% Mn + 0.56% Zn + Ascophyllum Nodosum marine algae extract + natural growth hormones + amino acids + vitamins + iodine + adjuvants +EPIN VITAFER Green ®Biostimulator containing plant L-amino acids with optimal content of macro and micronutrients to eliminate the adverse effects of abiotic and biotic stress. L-amino acids are the precursor of growth substances. They are a carrier of nutrients contained in foliar fertilizers and often serve as a natural adjuvant. Composition: 2.66% N + 0.22% B + 0.22% Cu + 1.43% Fe + 0.55% Mn + 0.022% Mo + 0.55% Zn + natural plant bioregulators + amino acids and vitamins + EPIN Doses and dates of use: potato: VitaExpert 2-3 (5) l/ha, VitaFer Boron 2-3l/ha, VitaFer Algi 2 – 3 l/ha, VitaFer Green 1- 2l/ha, ground vegetables: VitaExpert 2-3 (5) l/ha, VitaFer Boron 2-3l/ha, VitaFer Algi 2- 3l/ha, VitaFer Green 1- 2l/ha VitaFer Green as an addition to the working liquid with fungicides, foliar fertilizers and insecticides, dose 0.5 – 1 l/ha.