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Spring vegetation has “started” all over the country. This is not a favorable situation for winter crops. We observe ponding water in many fields. The soil is saturated with water as much as possible and constant rainfall does not improve the situation. Nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and magnesium have been washed into deeper layers of the soil and are unavailable to plants. The root system has limited development opportunities in these conditions. This slows down the uptake of nutrients from the soil. Weather conditions do not allow for quick top dressing of plants at the optimal time. Many crops will require simultaneous foliar fertilization with balanced NPK products. They will allow plants to quickly regenerate after winter.

VitaExpert Regenerum is an excellent foliar fertilizer for crop regeneration after winter dormancy, pesticide damage and frost. It perfectly and sustainably nourishes plants with the necessary phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen

unrivaledly improves the overall condition of plants. Contains 3% L-amino acids. The addition of amino acids will reduce the negative impact of stressful situations and improve the overall condition of plants.


Total N 14% + P₂O₅ 14% + K₂O 14% + B 0.035% + Cu (EDTA) 0.04% + Fe (EDTA) 0.1% + Mn (EDTA) 0.015% + Mo 0.007% + Zn (EDTA) 0.035%

Density 1.37 kg/l, pH 5.0-6.0

The fertilizer additionally contains organic matter – 50.6% DM.


Winter rapeseed oil: 2-3 l/ha, 2 treatments: from the beginning of elongation of the main shoot immediately after winter dormancy, to the beginning of the development of flower buds (BBCH 30-52)

Winter cereals: 1-2 (3*) 2 treatments: after winter dormancy until the beginning of earing (BBCH 31-50), with an interval of 12-14 days (*) in the case of significant nutrient deficiency