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Apple trees, berry bushes and early tomato crops are in the fruit growth phase. During this time, one of the most important nutrients supplied foliarly is calcium. This element is responsible for many physiological processes that determine parameters such as firmness, durability and color of fruit. Calcium prevents the occurrence of storage diseases in apples: bitter subcutaneous blotch and mealy rot. In tomato cultivation, it increases the plant’s resistance to dry rot of fruit tips. During this time, we offer our products containing calcium and amino acids. This combination will increase the absorption of this nutrient necessary for plants.

VitaExpert Ca ® – mineral-organic fertilizer for emergency and preventive calcium supply in fruit and vegetable crops. Recommended to improve the quantity and quality of the crop and storage properties. Strengthens the structures of leaves and stems. Stimulates the work of the root system by increasing the uptake of nutrients from the soil.

Composition: 0.67% N + 20.25% CaO + 0.67% Mn + 0.67% Zn + EPIN

VITAFER Green ®Biostimulator containing plant L-amino acids with optimal content of macro and micronutrients to eliminate the adverse effects of abiotic and biotic stress. L-amino acids are the precursor of growth substances. They are a carrier of nutrients contained in foliar fertilizers and often serve as a natural adjuvant.Composition: 2.66% N + 0.22% B + 0.22% Cu + 1.43% Fe + 0.55% Mn + 0.022% Mo + 0.55% Zn + natural plant bioregulators + amino acids and vitamins + EPIN

Doses and dates of use:

Fruit and berry crops: VitaFer Extra Ca 3 – 5l/ha or VitaFer Ca 3 – 5l/ha, VitaFer Green 2 – 3l/ha, 2 to 5 treatments during the flowering and fruit growth period. Ground vegetables: VitaFer Extra Ca 4 – 5l/ha or VitaFer Ca 4 – 5l/ha, VitaFer Green 2 – 3l/ha, 2 to 3 treatments during the flowering and fruit growth period.

VitaFer Green as an addition to the working liquid with fungicides, foliar fertilizers and insecticides, dose 0.5 – 1 l/ha.