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Corn has reached a development stage that allows the use of foliar fertilization. The main ingredient that should be provided to plants at this time is zinc, boron, phosphorus and potassium. Zinc is an essential microelement in corn cultivation: it has a positive effect on increasing the resistance of plants to abiotic stresses, increases the quality and quantity of crops and improves the efficiency of nitrogen fertilization. Boron has a positive effect on the growth and development of the root system and proper filling of the cob with seeds. In many regions of Poland, we observe periodic soil drought – it is worth using VitaExpert Stress Control in such conditions.

VitaExpert Stress Control  – foliar organic-mineral fertilizer stimulating plant immunity under abiotic stress conditions (drought, high temperature) with the addition of proline. Particularly recommended for crops that have a high demand for potassium and during periods of soil drought.

Composition: 10.5% N + 5% P₂O₅ + 25% K₂O + 0.035% B + 0.4% Cu + 0.1% Fe + 0.015% Mn + 0.007% Mo + 0.035% Zn + EPIN

VITAFER Zn + B ® – mineral fertilizer for emergency and preventive supply of zinc and boron. It optimizes the supply of plants with the ingredients necessary for proper development: zinc and boron, and has a positive effect on the increase of crops and improvement of their quality.

Composition: 3.9% N + 5.48% B + 5.48% Zn + EPIN

VITAFER Macro P ® Mineral fertilizer for emergency and preventive phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. It guarantees balanced and comprehensive plant nutrition. It improves water management in plants and increases their drought tolerance.

Composition: 13.6% N + 27.2% P₂O₅ + 13.6% K₂O + 0.048% B + 0.061% Cu + 0.136% Fe + 0.02% Mn + 0.0095% Mo + 0.047% Zn + adjuvants + EPIN

VITAFER Green ®Biostimulator containing plant L-amino acids with optimal content of macro and micronutrients to eliminate the adverse effects of abiotic and biotic stress. L-amino acids are the precursor of growth substances. They are a carrier of nutrients contained in foliar fertilizers and often serve as a natural adjuvant.

Composition: 2.66% N + 0.22% B + 0.22% Cu + 1.43% Fe + 0.55% Mn + 0.022% Mo + 0.55% Zn + natural plant bioregulators + amino acids and vitamins + EPIN

Doses and dates of use:


Phase 3-6 leaves: recommended fertilizers Vitaexpert Stress Control 1-3l/ha or VitaFer Macro P 2-3 l/ha, VitaFer Zn+B 2 l/ha, VitaFer Green 1-3 l/ha

Phase 8-9 leaf: recommended fertilizers VitaFer Zn+B 2 l/ha, VitaFer Green 1-3l/ha

The break between treatments is 7-14 days.

Before preparing the working liquid, perform a mixability test.

VitaFer Green as an addition to the working liquid with fungicides, foliar fertilizers and insecticides, dose 0.5 – 1 l/ha.