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Iron is one of the nutrients most intensively absorbed by plants. Crops of vegetables, raspberries and garden plants are particularly sensitive to the deficiency of this ingredient. In the absence of iron, plants cannot develop optimally and photosynthesis is impaired. Plants become susceptible to diseases and the negative effects of drought or extreme temperatures. Foliar treatment with iron fertilizer can be combined with the use of an amino acid biostimulator.

VitaFer Fe Complex Mineral fertilizer for emergency and preventive iron supply. Recommended for crops with high iron demand: potatoes, sugar beets, raspberries, grapes, vegetables and ornamental plants. It protects against chlorosis caused by the breakdown of chlorophyll and actively stimulates plant growth, supporting the development of fruits and seeds.

Composition: 3% Fe complexed with the organic agent heptagluconic acid.

VITAFER Green ®Biostimulator containing plant L-amino acids with optimal content of macro and micronutrients to eliminate the adverse effects of abiotic and biotic stress. L-amino acids are the precursor of growth substances. They are a carrier of nutrients contained in foliar fertilizers and often serve as a natural adjuvant.

Composition: 2.66% N + 0.22% B + 0.22% Cu + 1.43% Fe + 0.55% Mn + 0.022% Mo + 0.55% Zn + natural plant bioregulators + amino acids and vitamins + EPIN


Vegetables: VitaFer Fe Complex 1-3l/ha + VitaFer Green 1-2 l/ha

Orchards and berries: VitaFer Fe Complex 2-4l/ha + VitaFer Green 1-2l/ha

VitaFer Green as an addition to the working liquid with fungicides, foliar fertilizers and insecticides, dose 0.5 – 1 l/ha.