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We are pleased to inform you that our microbiological products have been included on the IUNG list and can be used to protect and fertilize organic crops.

 VitaFer Soil Protect is intended to stimulate the natural resistance of plants to a number of fungal and bacterial diseases that occur en masse in field and tunnel crops. It contains 3 strains of an antagonist fungus from the genus Trichoderma spp., which, by competing with pathogens for access to nutrients, effectively blocks the spread of pathogens in the soil and on plant remains.

 VitaFer Soil FastRecovery accelerates the process of humification and mineralization of plant remains, fallen leaves and fruit. It has a positive effect on improving the lump structure in the soil. As a result, soil fertility is improved and the water capacity of the arable layer is increased. Selected strains of fungi of the genus Trichoderma spp. and bacteria of the genus Bacillus spp. and the metabolites they produce significantly accelerate the return of nutrients to the soil and at the same time block the spread of pathogenic pathogens on plant remains. The preparation can also be used for soil recultivation.

 PhosVitaFer Soil FreePhos allows for the effective absorption of phosphorus from the soil. The Bacillus Megaterium bacterium dissolves complex and retarded forms of phosphorus (phosphites and phosphonates) into phosphoric acid ions – the only form of phosphorus actively taken up by the plant root system. Phosphorus is responsible for the proper development of the root system and efficient uptake of nutrients from the soil, increases the resistance of plants to stress conditions caused by drought and the resistance of plants to fungal diseases, has a positive effect on the flowering and development of fruits and seeds, increases yields and improves their quality.