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The wave of April frosts caused significant damage to many field crops. Crops that were treated with pesticides at the last moment before frost were particularly affected. After the cold wave passes, regenerative treatments should be performed to allow the plants to regenerate the damage and regain vigor. We recommend VitaExpert Regenerum for this treatment. VITAEXPERT  Regenerum ® Mineral foliar fertilizer intended for regeneration treatments after pesticide damage and frost. It will sustainably supply plants with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. The 3% addition of amino acids will accelerate the absorption of nutrients by the leaf and additionally stimulate regenerative processes. Composition: 14% N + 14% K₂O + 14% P₂O₅ + 0.035% B + 0.040% Cu +0.1% Fe +0.015% Mn +0.007% Mo + 0.035% Zn + 3% plant L-amino acids + adjuvants + EPIN Doses and dates of use: Sugar beet: 2l/ha, 2 treatments from the 4-6 leaf stage to 100% inter-row closure Fruit trees and shrubs, blueberries: 2 – 3 l/ha (in justified cases 5 l/ha), several treatments at intervals of 12 – 14 days. Cereals: 1-2l/ha (3l/ha in justified cases) 1-2 treatments until the beginning of earing, at intervals of 12-14 days