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High temperatures in April warmed the soil and in many regions of Poland farmers are preparing to sow corn. Corn is a plant that responds very well to the pre-sowing application of microbiological fertilizer preparations containing strains of Trichoderma spp. fungi. It is worth taking advantage of the excellent soil moisture this year – these are ideal conditions for the use of hybrid technology using soil microorganisms. Corn roots that enter the mycorrhiza process with Trichoderma spp. show high growth. Thanks to Trichoderma fungi, corn crops absorb nutrients and water from the soil more efficiently and are better prepared for the possible effects of abiotic stresses related to drought or high temperatures. VITAFER SOIL PROTECT ® is a microbiological preparation with a broad spectrum of activity containing spores of fungi of the genus Trichoderma spp. It helps protect plants against many fungal and bacterial diseases. Supports the development of the root system, increases the volume and range of roots. Accelerates seed germination. Supports the natural defense mechanisms of plants. Contains spores of Trichoderma spp. fungi (T. harzianum, T. viride, T. lignorum) in an amount of 2 x 10*⁹ CFU/gram. Doses and dates of use – soil spraying before sowing corn 0.3 – 0.5 kg/ha for 150 – 300 l/ha