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Apple orchards are already in the flowering phase. The high temperatures that have occurred in recent days have resulted in accelerated foliar fertilization in orchards and berry patches. The vegetation has accelerated significantly this year. Flowering is the time when fruit crops should be supplied with micronutrients – in particular boron and zinc. This is also a good time to apply foliar fertilizers containing increased amounts of phosphorus and potassium. The addition of a biostimulator containing L-amino acids of plant origin will ensure that the nutrients are quickly and effectively absorbed by trees and shrubs.

VITAFER Micro ® Mineral fertilizer for emergency and preventive supply of key micronutrients with optimal nitrogen addition. It activates the photosynthesis process and increases the assimilation surface of leaves. It has a beneficial effect on increasing resistance to abiotic stress. Improves flowering and fruit set.

Composition: 11.6$ N + 14% K₂O + 4.2% MgO + 7% SO₃ + 0.049% B + 0.77% Cu + 1.4% Fe + 2.1% Mn + 0.014% Mo + 1, 4% Sign

VITAFER  Macro PK ® Mineral fertilizer for emergency and preventive supply of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. It stimulates the development of the root system and increases the absorption of nutrients and water from the soil. It increases the tolerance of plants to stresses related to the development of fungal diseases or damage by pests.

Composition: 9.92% N + 19.84 PO + 19.84% K₂O + 0.043% B + 0.056% Cu + 0.124% Fe + 0.0186% Mn + 0.088% Mo + 0.043% Zn

VITAFER  Zn + B ®Mineral foliar fertilizer for emergency and preventive supply of zinc and boron. It affects the proper growth and development of the plant root system. Improves the absorption of nutrients from the soil. It improves the size and quality of the crop, increases the production of protein and sugars in the plant.

Composition: 3.9% N + 5.48% B + 5.48% Zn

VITAFER Green ®Biostimulator containing plant L-amino acids with optimal content of macro and micronutrients to eliminate the adverse effects of abiotic and biotic stress. L-amino acids are the precursor of growth substances. They are a carrier of nutrients contained in foliar fertilizers and often serve as a natural adjuvant.

Composition: 2.66% N + 0.22% B + 0.22% Cu + 1.43% Fe + 0.55% Mn + 0.022% Mo + 0.55% Zn + natural plant bioregulators + amino acids and vitamins.