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One of the most important micronutrients for sunflower is boron. The demand for boron is 400g/ha – 80% of these amounts are taken by the plant from the 5-6th leaf stage to the inflorescence development stage. This element is responsible for root growth and foliage. Optimizes flowering and achene filling. The lack of boron will also reduce the fat content of the seeds. Particular attention should be paid to the deficiencies of this element on lighter and too compact soils and in drought conditions.

VitaFer ® Zn + B is a mineral fertilizer for emergency and preventive supply of zinc and boron. It provides plants with proper development, stimulates their growth and increases resistance to stress conditions. In addition, it is enriched with high-class adjuvants that improve the properties of the working fluid.

Composition: 3.84% N + 5.48% B + 5.48% Zn + adjuvants + EPIN

Doses and dates of use:

Sugar beets: 2 treatments at a dose of 2 l/ha from the 4-6 leaf stage to the inter-row closure.

Sunflower: 2 treatments at a dose of 2 l/ha from the stage of 4-6 leaves to the beginning of the growth of the main shoot.

Potatoes: 2 treatments at a dose of 2 l/ha from the sprout formation phase to reaching 40% of the final tuber weight.