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In the Lower Silesia region, winter rapeseed oil plantations are slowly entering the green bud phase. In the near future, winter rapeseed plantations throughout Poland will reach this stage of development. This is an excellent time to take care of the natural strengthening of rapeseed husks and reduce losses related to rapeseed seeds falling off during threshing. The use of foliar fertilizer containing Ascophyllum Nodosum algae extract will disable the activity of the gene responsible for lignin synthesis. The reduced lignification process of the pod significantly improves its strength and reduces seed losses. It is also worth remembering that the algae biostimulator is ideal for regenerating plants after abiotic stresses – the treatment performed on agricultural fields with long-term flooding will allow winter crops to quickly regenerate damage to the root system and minimize losses in the main crop.

VITAFER Algi ® mineral-organic biostimulating fertilizer with macro and micronutrients and Ascophyllum Nodosum marine algae extract. The preparation is registered for use in organic farming.

Composition: 3.08% N + 1.85% K₂O + 0.25% SO₃ + 0.17% CaO, trace elements, natural growth hormones, amino acids, iodine, vitamins, adjuvants, EPIN and Ascophyllum Nodosum algae extract.

Density 1.23 kg/l, pH 5.0-6.0


Winter rapeseed oil 2.0–3.0 l/ha, 2 treatments: from the beginning of elongation of the main shoot immediately after winter dormancy, to the beginning of the development of flower buds.

Winter cereals 2.0 – 3.0 l/ha, 2 treatments: after winter dormancy until the beginning of earing (BBCH 31 -50), at an interval of 12-14 days