VitaExpert Steress Control

VitaExpert Stress Control – Effective protection against drought

Density: 1,48 kg/l

pH 7,0 – 8,0



 Physiological functions of proline:

– adaptogen – prepares plants for abiotic stresses

– osmoregulator – increases the tolerance of plants to SO₂, NaCl, toxic metals, regulates osmotic, redox and water potential

– stabilizer – provides protection for various types of cell protein structures, mitochondrial enzymes and cell membranes

– regulator – of chlorophyll biosynthesis and recovery in plants under conditions of drought, low temperature and high UV radiation

– neutralizer – excess ammonia found in plants under drought and high temperature conditions, free radicals


Once the stress is gone, proline becomes a source of nitrogen and a respiratory substrate.

VitaExpert Stress Control:

  • Proline (L-amino acid) immunostimulant and a stress reliever associated with drought, high temperatures and UV radiation
  • Perfectly nourished, high yields
  • Advanced strengthening od the root system

Effective protection against drought

VitaExpert Stress Control

A conqueror of abiotic stress associated with drought, high temperatures and UV radiation.

Abiotic stress associated with drought, high temperatures and UV radiation causes plants to experience stunted growth, lower and often lower quality yields. Abiotic stress is currently more dangerous to plants than biotic stress.

VitaExpert Stress Control is a product with a high concentration of potassium containing numerous L- plant amino acids and an increased proportion of proline. Beneficially influences the development of the root system thus facilitating the uptake of nutrients and water during the dry season. The addition of proline, which regulates osmosis functions, has a beneficial effect on the water management of the plant. Application before flowering will improve pollen viability and fertility. This allows to achieve high yields of excellent quality. It can be used to quickly replenish nutrient deficiencies. It is recommended as a preventive treatment before the expected occurrence of abiotic stress (periodic drought, high temperatures, high UV radiation). Particularly recommended for crops with high potassium requirements.

Dosage and timing of application: